Selecting a crate for crate training a puppy

Once you have decided you are going to begin crate training a puppy you will quickly discover that there are several types of crates available.

  • Plastic (often called “flight kennels”)
  • Wire collapsible crate
  • Fabric (canvas) on a collapsible, rigid frame

Each has its own purpose and is designed for a dog of a certain size. Consider your options below.

Type Best For Features Consider
Plastic Crate training a puppy. Solid and sturdy
Limited view of dog.
May come apart for cleaning or transitioning to dog bed.
Dobermans will chew plastic.
May not fold up for storage or travel.
May have to upsize as puppy grows.
Usually less expensive.
Wire Crate training a puppy
or an adult dog.
Solid and sturdy
Good for strong chewers.
Good viewing.
May fold for storage. Travel.
Usually more expensive.
Fabric Crate training
an adult dog. Confinement.
Lightweight Dobermans will chew canvas.
Canvas surface is not  easy to clean.
Dog crate fits folded in small car
Folded dog crate fits in even the smallest of cars.

The clear winner is the collapsible wire crate. It is the best option for crate training a Doberman in your home and is easily broken down for storage and travel.

The important thing to remember is that you might be crate training a puppy now, but that puppy will soon be a fully grown Doberman. I believe the best idea is to buy a dog crate that will suit your fully grown Doberman and block some of it off so the crate is a suitable size for crate training a puppy. The crate should be just large enough for him to stand up and turn around in, have some bedding, a food bowl and a water bowl. Block off the excess crate space with a large sheet of cardboard so your puppy can’t eliminate at one end and retreat to the other.

The ideal crate size for training a Doberman measures (42″ L X 28″ W X 31″ H) for dogs up to 90 lbs.

It is also ideal as if fits in behind the seats of a small car such as a Toyota Corolla.

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While you are waiting for your crate to arrive checkout our introduction to crate training.

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